Dec. 27th, 2007

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Christmas this year was a bit unusual.

My mom figured that we all just spend money getting things that no one really needs, or just giving each other gift cards anyway. We might as well just write each other checks each Christmas, in her opinion. Which is pretty much true, these days.

So instead of exchanging gifts, everyone got twenty-five dollars to use on whatever they wanted. We put everyone's name into a bag and took turns randomly choosing someone else's name. Then each of us wrote a poem, riddle, or a couple lines about that person, taking care not to write anything that might give away our identity. Then on Christmas, we all sat around and read them aloud, trying to guess who had written each one. The person with the most correct guesses got to have one "Christmas freebie" from each person, to be used within the year. My little sister won, so she'll probably be using them for things like "Walk the dog for me" or "I want to go out with my friends on a school night".

But Christmas was especially exciting because of this. :D

And to top it all off, I just found out today that Cambridge University has made me a conditional offer of admission to their Pathology PhD program. As long as I can manage to earn a 2-1, then I'm officially accepted. I'm...stunned. That would be absolutely fantastic. I'm still waiting to hear back from Oxford and the other schools I've applied to, but this is just a huge, lovely surprise for me.

I'm so happy! ♥


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