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My little sister is going on a school field trip to New York city tomorrow, and guess who's a chaperone?

I had to get my fingerprints taken and a background check done, but now I can officially chaperone these sorts of events. (Definitive proof that I'm not a psycho killer, in case anyone had doubts.) So for the next four days, I'll have a group of high schoolers following me around like ducklings. (We'll be in the audience of the CBS Early Show on Tuesday, so look for us.) It's going to be fun, of course, but I still can't escape the feeling that I'm getting old. Since Margo attends my former high school, it's especially nostalgic.

I was looking at the list of kids going, and most of their last names were familiar. These are all the younger brothers and sisters of the people I knew in high school, but they're so much younger that I never even knew they existed. I guess that shows just how long it's been since I graduated.

Time is really flying, isn't it?

Oh, also, I just got my acceptance letter from the City of Hope. (It's a research institute and hospital in the US that I applied to for my PhD, if I haven't mentioned it before.) So now I have to choose between Cambridge University (which hasn't sent me their decision about funding yet) and City of Hope, which has offered me a stipend of $28,000 a year during my degree if I choose to go there.

My time at Oxford has been incredible, but it's left me with a lot of debt. Cambridge is my first choice, but CoH's offer is giving me pause. It has a very respectable reputation for biomedical research, and their curriculum sounds great. The Californian weather there would also be nice, and I'd be living in my home country without having to worry about a horribly expensive exchange rate. Of course, that means leaving behind a lot of people that I know and love in Britain; one person in particular. (It's our six month anniversary at the end of the month, and I'm as happy now as I was when we starting dating.)

It's a tough decision, that's for sure.

On a lighter note, if you're a Naruto fan who's been keeping up with the manga, you need to read this. Spoilers for Sasuke's latest battle, and major LULZ!warning. Don't try to drink anything while you read this, srsly.
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