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So, I've officially finished my undergraduate degree, and I've been spending the past few days enjoying the freedoms entailed within such an event.

After six hours of exams on Saturday (followed by an abundance of jubilant hugs, Hawaiian leis, glitter deposited in unspeakable places, and champagne), my friends and I indulged in some Eurovision. Anyone who's seen Eurovision knows what that means. Epic lulz to the max.

So now, I've managed to survive my undergraduate education at Oxford University, and all that I need to do now is wait for the final results of my exams. Of course, the waiting process has so far consisted of booze, punting, OULES, and just general goofing off. Pretty much the winning combination, on all accounts.

I'm also looking forward to assaulting helping my other finalist friends finish their exams in the next week or so. Be afraid; be very afraid. XD

Text me if you have nothing to do and feel like doing nothing in my company. I literally have no idea what to do with myself until my PhD course begins. ♥

(P.S.- I've accepted the City of Hope's offer of a pathology PhD with waived tuition and an annual stipend of at least $28,000 a year. If anyone wants to come visit me in California within the next five or so years to see Hollywood/Long Beach, then let me know. I should have my own apartment, and would love to play host to some guests.)
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