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Thank God Almighty, we are free at last. For six whole weeks.

Tonight is Drink The Bar Dry, and the Wadham boys are coming to visit the Hilda's girls, courtesy of me. And then the Wadham boys are hosting a 1970's-themed bop, to which the Hilda's girls have been invited. All I have to do is finish packing, and then get ready for some hardcore, well-earned socializing. It should be a good night.

Then tomorrow morning, after running a few errands, I'll be on my way to London for a couple days. Katie's mom has left her free reign over their apartment there, and since her sister's still in school, I'll get a room all to myself. According to Katie, we'll see all the sights that I haven't yet seen around London (I will have my camera!), and then settle down from some Saturday night television; it'll be the first time I've seen a TV in two months, and it shall be glorious.

I probably won't have my Internet connection over the weekend, but that'll be okay; you guys are used to me being too busy to update anyway. Just know that I'm still alive, and no doubt enjoying London.

Then Monday afternoon, I'm coming home. I should arrive at the Orlando airport at around ten o'clock at night, and then home to bed. My body's going to feel like it's three in the morning, so I shouldn't have any trouble sleeping. At least the jet lag is easier on me coming west.

So I guess I'll see you guys when I see you.


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