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Just a quick one, I promise.

Okay, so I was sitting in Darwin's Cafe after my morning lectures, putting the finishing touches on the lab report that was due this evening. I was sitting at the table closest to the vending machines, so I overheard some third years while they were getting a snack.

Now, you have to understand that Oxford's degree in Biological Sciences is only a three-year course, so these people were the equivalent of Seniors in our colleges back home. Except for the fact that they have to work on a "third-year project", which is basically a thesis. You know, the kind of stuff that most people do during graduate work. So yes, I do have respect for them to begin with; and the kids here at Oxford are nice. They don't lord it over us freshers, just because we're new and they're the oldest. Anyway, back to business.

The vending machines are always a pain; they're moody, they don't give back your change sometimes, and they've even been known to take your money without actually giving you the food/drink. (That's happened to me twice so far; there's actually an Oxford Facebook group "Victims of Vending Machine Trauma". But I digress...) The vending machines downstairs accept actual money, but the ones next to Darwin's don't; as a member of the science department, you're issued a special card (a "Darwin's card") that you can load money onto and use in the cafe or upstairs vending machines. And if you loose it...well...

Student 1: Bollocks, I don't have my card.
Student 2: Lost it already, have you? It's been...two and a half weeks since the start of term?
Student 3: Ah, no worries. You can use mine and just pay me back later.
Student 1: God bless you all. God bless us, every one.
Student 4: These machines are so hard to manage sometimes; I'd prefer the Drosophila to be honest. How is that going, by the way?
Student 2: Well, I'm certainly getting my kicks with the ether. And I found out yesterday that the methyl iodide is a carcinogen.
Student 1: Mmmm...Cancerific...

People here usually don't have "my kind of humor", so it was a refreshing surprise. And I know how crazy it is to try to work with Drosophila; we've been breeding them in our genetics labs over the past few weeks. You have to check who's male and who's female and such, so you have to gas them with ether and just hope you finish identifying them before they begin to regain consciousness and start twitching.

Oh, and the spot I had in lectures today had "I *heart* Bacteria" written into the tabletop. I need to keep a list; arthropods and bacteria so far.

I know it's only a matter of time until I find an "I *heart* Drosophila".....Hey, I would write it.

God bless the little buggers. Every one.


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