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The fire alarm just went off.

It's past two o'clock in the morning, and the fire alarm just went off.

Because someone was smoking inside of their room, right under the highly-sensitive smoke detector.

Instead of walking down one flight of stairs and smoking out in the nice, warm night air, someone decided to light one up under a smoke detector. And we all had to evacuate the building and just stand around while they tried to figure out what happened. At two o'clock in the morning.

Some people have their final exams tomorrow. Others have to catch early flights home.

A lot of people aren't happy right now.

On a lighter note, I'm glad I'm a weirdo. My first instinct isn't to get upset. I suppose I'm just especially sensitive to the irony of situations; in other words, I usually get a twisted kick out of this kind of thing.

In other words...Don't get mad; laugh like a lunatic.
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Last night, some of the girls on my floor invited me over for a "we survived the first day of term" party. At first I declined, but then I figured that I had already taken my turn to be antisocial over the weekend, so I ended up walking down the hall to Biz's room. (Her name is Elizabeth, but everyone just calls her Biz.) So I ended up spending a few hours there, which we spent talking, playing cards, sharing and eating our sweets (which are the currency around here), and drinking a bottle of wine that they had bought to celebrate.

They kept asking me things about how Americans live, and wanted to know how we said this or that. They thought that the way I say "aluminum" is weird, and one of them asked me what we called the little orange things that float to show where crab pots are.

"What, you mean like buoys?"
"Oh my God! Is that really what you call them?"
"Buoys? Yeah, I guess."
"How on Earth do you spell that?"
"B-U-O-Y. Buoy."
"That's the strangest thing I've ever heard. It's just a strange sound when you say it."

So then they tried to say it like I did, and couldn't quite get it. But we were all pretty amused. Then two other girls showed up and so there were six of us, so we all sat around and talked about theater here. I, of course, had to mention Dracula. All in all, it was a nice evening spent.

I came home to my room around eleven o'clock and got ready for bed. I finally got to bed at some point, and set my alarm for seven thirty. Well, I didn't make it to seven thirty.

The fire alarm went off at seven this morning. Seven. That's the second time I've been woken up by that thrice-cursed alarm. And it's not a fire alarm like we have back home. It's gives off a "Oh sweet Jesus, the world is ending! A nuke has been dropped and we're all gonna die!" sound. And there's a speaker in every room. Mine is right over my bed. Joy.

So we all shuffle out of our building, and it's freezing cold. We're lead into the dining hall, where they take roll and then finally let us go. So it was about seven fifteen when I got back to my room, and my alarm was supposed to go off at seven thirty. I just kind of stood there in front of my bed, staring at it. It was one of those moments when you're so tired, you just stand there with a sardonic, half-lidded look on you face and then just say to yourself, "Well, screw that."

I stayed up and just took a few extra minutes in the shower. Taking a shower here is like going home for me. To be able to stand there and breathe such warm, humid air again reminds me of Florida. So I was brushing my teeth when Eva knocked on my door. That must have been an interesting sight; I open the door, my hair still wild and a toothbrush hanging out of my mouth. Charming. So we made plans to meet at the Lodge and walk down to class together.

I was late getting down there, but I was wearing my bracelet. We managed to get to class on time. The first lecture (about the solubility products of macromolecules) was wonderful, but I was still so tired that I let my eyes drift shut during the parts I already knew. But guess what happened then? The fire alarm went off.

Oh, God; You and that zany sense of humor You have...

So we all ended up standing outside in the cold, telling each other bad jokes to pass the time. I met a nice guy from Christ Church College, but I never got his name.

"I can tell that you have a slight bit of an American accent, but I can't tell where from..."
"Heh, slight? I'm from Florida. It's too cold here."

My second lecture was awesome. All of that embryology and developmental biology is really interesting. We discussed regulatory genes, mainly. I enjoyed it, but some of my friends thought it was a bit complicated. I was the idiot who did the summer reading, so it was all review. Yeah, just call me Hermione...

Well, I need to run off for lunch now. Then I have a class at two o'clock on microscope techniques. I'll let you guys know how that goes later. Hopefully we won't have a fire drill.


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