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I haven't posted (or seen posts) in a while because my Internet connection was dead for about a week. It died, not me. I'm just trying to set the record straight here...

Well, last week was fun. I spent a whole day with Laura on Friday, during which we watched most of the Horatio Hornblower series and several movies that I still hadn't seen (Timeline, King Arthur). In between the viewing, we chatted with a very trippy Grant. As he would no doubt tell you, the best thing about getting your wisdom teeth out is the pain medication. Amusement was had all around, especially when Grant would just doze off randomly. But he still managed to make it to level 60 on World of Warcraft, which was more than a little surprising. Kudos to you, Grant. You're an inspiration to us all.

That weekend was spent with my sister, holding down the fort while my mom was out of town. Pretty uneventful, but the peace and quiet was nice. I did have to clean up the house almost constantly, which is just part of living with a younger sibling, I suppose. The beginning of the week was pretty slow too, but I was able to use that to my advantage. I finished the book Microbes and Man, and started reading my genetics textbook and a collection of evolution essays.

The next week or so is a complete blur to me. I spent Thursday with Abbi ([ profile] blues_the_word), and despite feeling under the weather, I had a great time running around the mall with her. I think that was the day that we stopped by Barnes and Noble and bumped into Grant, Zeke, and Tommy. We chatted with them for a while, which was nice. Abbi’s friend Mike came over to visit with us while we were there. I swear, he looks exactly like a hobbit. He’s a very sweet guy, not to mention quite handsome. Later, since we were in the neighborhood, we dropped by Becky’s house to see if she had gone to work yet. She had, but Zeke came home at about that time. So now he probably thinks that we’re stalking him.

For the record, I’m not a stalker. I’m just a good friend. A good friend who likes to camp in your front yard.

When we headed back to Barnes and Noble for my mom to pick me up, we saw several more of our high school peers, including Julia. She’s a friendly girl, and though I can’t say that I know her very well, she seems nice. On Saturday, I dragged myself out of bed early for Becky’s birthday party, but that was a no-go. It really is a shame, but what can you do, right? So I was already dressed and kind of sitting around when Abbi called me. She was at the mall again (having to get all of that school shopping done), and I headed up there; though I’m sorry to say that it took me a while.

She had said that she had a surprise for me, which turned out to be an awesome Inuyasha shirt that she had bought me. She said that it’s a kind of “going away” present. It’s yellow, with Kagome on the front of it, and I adore it. Abbi really does spoil me rotten. I bought a red hoodie, which I had big plans for. Those of you that know me well, also know how much I love the color red. Those of you that know me well, also know what a big Harry Potter geek I am. Abbi and I spent the next several days making our own geeky Harry Potter shirts.

I spent the night at her house for several days, and we had a blast. Abbi is just starting to read the HP series, so we had a HP movie marathon while we made the shirts. Mine is bright red; it says “Seeker” in gold letters on the front and “Gryffindor” on the back. The front pocket has a Golden Snitch painted on it, courtesy of Abbi. (See? I told you she spoils me.) All that I did was iron on the letters (and, thus, managing to burn myself), while she did the painting. Abbi made a shirt that has “Muggle” across the front in silver, and the Hogwarts seal on the back. That look incredible, and I promise to post pictures on here soon.

Random thoughts: I learned to play DDR. I definitely need more practice, but I enjoyed it. Even while messing up. What can I say? It’s cheap entertainment. Also, I love Abbi. She’s a wonderful friend, a lovely companion, and one of the greatest artists I have ever seen. I also saw Jesse at the mall. It was a bit surreal, actually. I asked him if he was there to make trouble (yes), he made fun of me, I made fun of myself, he made fun of my friends…But that’s Jesse, and I had started it in the first place. I sat down to wait for Abbi to arrive, and then Jesse comes back and asks me for a nickel. My first thought was, “Jesse wants a gumball.” So I root around in my change purse and pull out the nickel. As I handed it over, Jesse said, “I’m gonna get a gumball!”

The thing about Jesse is that you can never question anything he does. If he were to say, “Hey, I’m going to go paint myself with zebra stripes and free all the animals at the zoo”, you should never ask him why, even if you think it’s weird. If you question what he’s doing, he’ll only make you feel like an idiot. I don’t care how crazy the idea is; if you tell him that it’s crazy, then he’ll somehow turn it around on you so that you begin to wonder if you’re just missing something. Sure, it’s a great idea, but you were just to stupid to see that at first. Let us all pray that Jesse never runs for President. He would win without even having to try. (Though, I have to say that I’d love to see those presidential debates…)

Also, happy belated birthday, Richard.

Summer Reading List:
Unravelling Animal Behavior
Genetics: A Conceptual Approach (currently reading)
Microbes and Man
Evolution (currently reading)
The Variety of Life
Introductory Statistics for Biology Students
Collapse: How societies choose to fail or succeed
The Ancestor's Tale (currently reading)
The Sixth Extinction: Biodiversity and its Survival
Almost Like a Whale
Field Flora of the British Isles
Insects, spiders, and other terrestrial arthropods

I really need to buckle down on this list, now.

If I forgot to mention anything, please forgive me.
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Well, I'm not going to go on and on about Graduation, but I will say that it was incredible. We're such a tight-knit class, and I'm going to miss everyone terribly. Yes, I was very emotional at the Ceremony, but can you really blame me?

Project Graduation was a blast, and to be honest, I had much more fun than I thought I would. It was great to see everyone, especially "my Boys". Quite a pleasant change to be able to talk to Neil, Garrett and Ethan face to face, for once. Contrary to popular belief, Garrett hung out with us quite a lot, and we all enjoyed his company. The food was good, and I beat the game Soul Caliber on my first try.

Beginner's luck? I think so. But luck or not, I was still able to beat Richard in two out of three fights. He was very gracious about it, and I could even say that he was a bit proud of me. Either way, it earned me a coveted invitation to the next Toxic Soap LAN party. Am I excited? You'd better believe it.

I ended up winning a "purple wastebasket set". Yes, it sounds about as lame as it comes. But once I got it home (at six o'clock in the morning) and looked it over (at around noon), I realized that it was very useful. It's actually a whole organizational set, which is exactly what I needed. Go figure.

Over the past weekend, I traveled with Richard and his family over to Sarasota (a bit south of Tampa) for a Kendo tournament. It was Richard's first time fighting in a tournament, and he did very well. He was even able to put up a reasonable fight against a very highly-ranked sensei. I was pretty impressed by all of the fighting that I saw there, and the trip itself was nice. Tristan was his usual adorable self, and we had the chance to sit around and watch movies. Very relaxing.

To save time, we stopped in a Burger King's parking lot and my mom picked me up there. Once in the car, I headed straight to Jackie's surprise birthday party. I showed up incredibly late, which was rude of me, but I had tried my best. The party quickly moved to the Oaks, where we saw a movie (and Ethan and Sabrina). I got to pester Ethan a bit while he was working, and since Sabrina had just gotten off work, she joined us. We saw the soonest movie that was playing: Madagascar. Half of the audience was younger than twelve years old, but we had a blast anyway. It's the people that you're with that make those types of situations so fun. We all laughed so hard through that movie, and came away with a few more silly quotes to add to our reportoires.

"What's a good-natured bite on the buttocks between friends?"

"Well, yes. Of course we're going to fling poo at him."

Good times.

There's been a small war going on around here, but that's a whole other story. And one that's best told on a need-to-know basis.

Small details that I've left out:
1) I was sick in the car on the way to Sarasota.
2) Some guys honked at me while I was walking back to the car with Richard's mom. I didn't turn to look because I thought that they were honking at the car in front of them. So they shouted "That's right...Just keep on walking!" Not only were they rude, they were apparently blind as well.
3) My mom bought me an expensive bathingsuit in return for my promise that I'd get a tan this summer (Simply impossible, but she doesn't know that yet...).
4) Don't be fooled by his cute, cuddly, and otherwise adorable appearance; Tristan is a ticking timebomb.
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I love just falling off the face of the planet like that.

Keeps me on my toes, I suppose.

I just don't have the will or the energy right now to reflect on Graduation, so I'll set that for another day. Knowing me, it's already moved to Neverland. Oh well. I suppose that that's where all my "not-dones" belong; with my abandoned childhood dreams.

I've been pretty pensive today, and if you were inside my mind, you'd see why. It's a jungle in there, and there's no straight and narrow to follow.

I've bascially realized several things very recently:

1. I have a choice. I can either ruin things completely, or I can buckle down and do it all with a smile.
2. Grant now thinks that I'm actually insane. No joke. Mentally unstable. Emotionally distraught. Completely and utterly, barking mad. But he's the best friend that a looney could ever had, and I owe him a lot at this point.
3. I need to get a grip.

Don't cry, little emo kid.

There's a poem that I find very fitting right now. And I have the great honor of knowing the author himself.

Get up and put your clothes on
Don't forget your smile
That way we won't need to ask how you're doing
And we can go on our way without a second thought

But if you happen to forget it
Back on your doorstep
And we prompt you to tell us how you are
Never fail to assure us that everything
Is quite alright in your wonderful home
And let us know your smile was just misplaced
And that you'll have it on tomorrow

Because we don't like to think
Not on our own, atleast
It's far too unsafe out there
To be thinking on your own

Tell us that you are doing great
Because we don't want to know
About you, anyway
You see, that might make us uncomfortable

Feed us your lies
If that is all there is to be had
Tell us something we like
Make sure it's simple and sweet
Just sugar-coat the poison
And we'll take the disease over the cure
"Smile" by Neil

Hopefully, I'll see all of you soon. And I promise that I won't forget my smile. That way, you won't even have to bother asking me how I am.

I'll be smiling; that should say it all, shouldn't it?
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Happy birthday, Ethan!

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Yeah. Laugh it up, Richard.
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Richard is a real Dick.


Mar. 27th, 2005 10:09 pm
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Chances are impossibly high that I've had more fun in the past few days than all of you guys combined.

Oh, man. I'm so tired and sore, I can't even move.

In other words: ULTRA ROCKED!

And so did those who were there with me. I love you guys. ^.^


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