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My life is so awesome.

And no, I'm not going to rephrase that. Because even though things are tough here, it's all so worth it. I should probably explain this a bit.

The other day, I was almost hit by a bus. That's right; an honest-to-God bus. If you're trying to ride your bike down High Street, and you need to turn right, here's what you have to do: you have to steer your bike one-handed and signal with your other arm, then cross traffic to the turn lane. Once you're there, you just have to hope that the cars on either side of you can see that you're there. I was sitting there at the red light, squeezed into the bike turn lane with a huge truck on my right side. On my left, a bus tried to go ahead and squeeze by. (Yeah, the streets here can get a bit narrow...) It's not even like the bus had slowed down to squeeze through; the driver hit the gas, as if moving faster would somehow help him get past. So the only warning I had was the engine of a bus suddenly revving right behind me, and suddenly there's a huge yellow monstrosity flying past. It was one of those moments when you realize what's happening, and you just go very still. I must have been been as white as a sheet, because that one really scared me. I usually like to have at least two inches between my arm and a passing bus...

Oh, and that wasn't my only brush with rush-hour traffic. On Tuesday, I had gotten up before the sun to make it to a crew practice. We hit the gym, and spent a few hours weight lifting. So by the time I had to head back to college that afternoon, my muscles were essentially done for the day. That's what I get for pushing myself like that, and then sitting still for a few hours; the muscles get sore and stiff pretty quickly. So riding my bike back to college (uphill nearly the whole way), my legs just weren't cooperating. It's not even like I was out of breath; they just couldn't move fast enough. So to get back to Hilda's, you have to merge with traffic and follow a roundabout. That's right; you're pedaling like Hell in the middle of traffic. Well, some smartass guy in a lorry decides that I'm not going fast enough. It's not even like I was in his way; he was next to me. So he rolls down his window and starts yelling at me.

Look, I'm sorry. Yeah, I know I'm not going as fast as I should be, but then again, I'm staying to the left. I'm in nobody's way over here; just shut up and pass me. Yeah, same to you, buddy. Have a nice day.

People in cities can be real jerks sometimes. But I got back alright, if a bit irate. Yesterday, I was almost hit by another bus, but I think I'm getting used to it now. It's just something you have to live with, because no matter how close to the sidewalk you ride, they're going to try to squeeze past.

I finished an essay on bacterial metabolism last night, so now I have to start writing my next one. It's supposed to be on how the control of gene expression can cause such biodiversity, which should be interesting. I'll have to do a lot of reading, though.

I made Novice B, which means three practices a week (not counting when Novice A is a person short and I have to step in). Not too bad, but I'm going to try to make it to the senior gym practices if I can, because I really need to work on my strength. I have a lot of work to do if I want to be ready for the Christ Church Regatta. My mom is still convinced that I should have just been a cox, but you know how moms are; I think she's still half-afraid that I'm going to "fall out of the boat".


I have a swim test tonight, which should be a doss. We have to swim twenty-five meters on our backs and twenty-five on our stomachs, pick a brick up from "deep" water (1.8 meters, which is about six feet), and tread water for a minute. It should be pretty easy for me, I think. Nothing compared to what West Shore's crew team had to do...No wonder you guys were so crazy ripped.

I was sitting in lectures today, and I glanced down at the desk to see "I *heart* arthropods" written into it. I nearly caused a scene, trying not to crack up.

...Yeah, this is definitely the place for me to be.


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