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I'm feeling so much better today. Within the first two days I was ill, I slept twenty-nine hours; all that rest has really been making a difference. I only needed ten hours of sleep last night, and my throat no longer feels like it's been scalded with boiling sulfuric acid. My sniffles and headache are gone, and I think the fever is on its way out, too. Rejoice.

I felt like a kid staying home sick from school today. I normally have a ton of lectures on Fridays, but I spent most of the morning sleeping. I went and got some lunch in the Buttery, then sat there eating and watching TV. As for the kid reference? I was sipping a juice box full of orange juice and watching Scooby-Doo. Scooby and the gang were in China, and when someone was attacked by a "real" Chinese dragon, it was time to investigate the mystery! Priceless.

Luckily, being sick has given me a ton of time to work on the things due next week; my schedule is looking downright brutal at this point. No worries, though. The weekend is still young, and I'll have plenty of time to finish it all up. And if I push myself, I might be able to finish it all up by tomorrow evening, so I can enjoy Clare's birthday party without the thought of unfinished work hanging over my head like a cloud. It's pretty unrealistic, as far as goals go, but worth a shot regardless.

I missed Wednesday's rehearsal because of the flu, which was truly unfortunate. I hate missing rehearsal; partly because it's irresponsible, but mainly because rehearsals are OULES is a huge source of stress-relief for me, even if I'm not actively rehearsing anything. It's enough for me to just watch and laugh and have my shoes stolen right off my feet. Every rehearsal is a surprise. (For all you know, you could walk in to find shoes hanging from every light fixture in the room...) All it takes is for one person to burst into song, and then everyone's singing because they either know the words by heart or are just learning as they go. There's always an air of familial love about the OULES; but not just any old boring family. A restless, creative, chaotic, mischievous, fun-loving, wacky family that could take any activity and make it spontaneously combust into something joyous. The kind of huge, happy family that could turn a party into a big mess or a mess into a big party. And that's why the OULES are made of joy.

Oh, dear....I think I've waxed a bit philosophical there. I should have at least thrown a few panto references in there while I was at it. Looking back now, though, that description makes us sound like a very big version of the Weasley family.

Are we the Weasleys? Hmmm...

Speaking of joy...Naruto is making me (and about a billion other fans) very happy right now. The fact that both Naruto and Bleach are no longer producing filler is beyond exciting, and I'm on the edge of my seat.

Oh, bring on the good stuff...


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